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$659: Los Angeles to Moscow

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Cheap Moscow flight to help with their expensive hotels!

Fly on Delta Airlines
Leave on November 1, 2011
Return on November 16, 2011
We just found this iCheap Deal through Delta – Search here!

$261: Los Angeles to Honolulu

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

During the month of July, flights from Los Angeles to Honolulu are only $261 (round-trip) on Delta Airlines. These are non-stop flights as well.

These low rates only exist for the month of July. In August, prices balloon back up to $442 and then level off at $352 in the middle of that month. They remain at $352 through late November when they spike again to gouge Thanksgiving travelers!

Visit to book.

$685: Los Angeles to Melbourne

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Fly on Delta in early September from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne (MEL) for only $685 round-trip.

Due to their Southern Hemisphere location, early September will be the end of their winter season. While it may still be a chilly, it is a great opportunity to visit Australia for a bargain basement rate.

Also, once in Melbourne you can hop on one of these three discount carriers, Jet Airways, Jet Star or Virgin Blue, to explore the rest of Australia, or even New Zealand and Singapore at cheap rates.

$475: New York to Dublin

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

We just found New York to Dublin for $475 in late April on Delta Airlines. Additional cities to Europe from New York include…

  • Barcelona
  • Brussels
  • Frankfurt
  • Madrid
  • Milan-Malpensa
  • Nice
  • Rome
  • Venice

Read more about the New York to Europe sale on Delta.

$661: Los Angeles to Sydney

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Delta Airlines is offering $661 fares from Los Angeles (LAX) to Sydney, Australia (SYD) for late April through September travel.

The same rules apply for travel to Melbourne (MEL).

Travel from San Francisco (SFO) to Australia is little pricier, however we are seeing limited tickets to Sydney for below $700. SFO to MEL is up in the $800 range.

$580: Seattle to London

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Thinking about flying to Europe this year? Well, here’s the skinny. Uber low fares from the West Coast to Europe are definitely harder to land this year compared to 2009. Last year, you could blindly pin the tail on any European city and subsequently fly there for under $700. However, this year you need more selectivity…and creativity.

For example, I just found a Seattle to London fare on Delta for March travel for $580. Basically, any itinerary for under $600 from the west coast to Europe needs to be snatched up. This flight goes into London’s Gatwick Airport, which is beneficial, because they have a solid list of discount carriers, including Aer Lingus, EastJet and RyanAir, operating there.

Book your inter-Europe flights on one of the aforementioned carriers. If you’re hesitant about booking your trip on separate carriers, read this.

Search for your London fare here!

$697: New York to Taipei

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Delta Airlines is offering round-trip fares from New York to Taipei for as low as $697 after taxes. This is a non-promotional fare that can’t even be booked on Delta’s website. And, they’d want close to $900 for this itinerary. We found the $697 fare (see below) through Orbitz. It was also on CheapTickets.

However, Delta has announced a New York to Europe sale, with fares as low as $239 (one-way, before taxes) to Barcelona. See complete list.

$435: New York to Moscow this Summer

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Several weeks ago we found Delta fares from Las Vegas to Spain for $209. While not as jaw dropping, Delta currently has a sale from New York (JFK) to several European cites, including Moscow for $435.

However, we found this Moscow rate on Orbitz, not On it was $521. So, compare both sites before you purchase.

Why the low rates from Delta? Like many other legacy carriers, Delta’s passenger traffic is down from last year. In fact, Delta just announced that it dropped 6.3% in June from a year ago. So, this could be an effort to fill seats.

Tickets must be purchased July 20, 2009. Travel dates are August 17 – October 24, 2009. Additional cities on sale include Madrid, Milan and Venice. To see full list click here.

Delta\'s Europe Sale

$473: New York to Dublin in August

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Ireland, along with Germany, continue to be low-cost welcome mats to Europe. Delta is providing this eye opening opportunity to visit Europe in the heart of the summer for under $500. Purchase by 6/30/09 for this non-stop flight deal. See additional cities on sale.

If Dublin isn’t your final destination, access European low-cost monsters RyanAir or easyJet to access a wide array of destinations, including Amsterdam, Prague and Warsaw.

Click here to view all the discount routes out of Dublin. Look under “Save More to Dublin”.

$209: Las Vegas to Spain

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Having just returned from an 11-day vacation in Japan thanks to this incredible deal on Singapore Airlines, I was floored when I saw that Delta had fares from Los Angeles to Barcelona (or Madrid) for only $299.

Even cheaper was Las Vegas to Barcelona (or Madrid) for only $209. This isn’t one-way, this is round-trip! This is lowest of the low, folks.

So, here I am, in a Kirin Beer hangover haze and sleep deprevation daze about to book Los Angeles to Barcelona for under $300 per person. Done! (See below)

We’re also seeing flights to Zurich, Venice, Rome, Geneva and Athens for under $400. Delta’s gone mad. Jump on these deals quickly, they may not last the night!