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Barcelona: Chocolate in the Morning

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

It’s a normal weekday here in Barcelona.  I walk the morning streets with a massive appetite for potatoes and eggs, but all I see is caffeine, nicotine and chocolate (“xocolata” in Catalan).  And, the sandwiches they call bocadillios. Since the bread is so fresh here, you can’t wrong.  So, my day starts with another bocadillo, pastry and cappuccino.

I learn later that a common breakfast here is some form of chocolate, washed down by a caffeinated beverage and topped off by cigarettes.

I see a teenager walking her leash-less dog with a pastry in one hand and burning heater in the other.  She takes a drag, a bite and then another drag.  If that’s her breakfast, then what’s the dog getting in his bowl? Oops, there it is.  Her dog makes a dropping and she doesn’t stop to clean it up.  Most dog owners don’t in l’Eixample.

45 minutes after my massive sugar and caffeine high I feel completely wiped out.

The heartiest and most nutritious meal of the day in Barcelona is not breakfast.