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Will International Airfares be Lower in ’08?

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Six major US airlines – American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways – have announced they’ll be reducing their number of domestic flights in 2008. The three main reasons are rising fuel prices, too much competition on domestic routes from Southwest, JetBlue and Virgin America, and a desire to add more international routes, which tend to be more profitable.

A weakening US economy, (i.e. higher gas prices, rising mortgage payments, unstable home values, unsteady stock market and potential upcoming recession), is an additional reason.

Will more competition in the international arena result in lower fares? With United potentially shifting 15% of its current fleet to international routes over the next several years, it has too! I can’t hurt! If the other five airlines allot similar percentages, then we might see the likes of Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air France, decreasing fares. Get your passports ready!

Introduction: Fresh Airfare

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

I’m a compulsive, carpal tunnel ridden, airfare searcher who’s constantly in search of that perfect deal. I employee several tricks and techniques to accomplish this, including being subscribed to tons of newsletters.

I find a ton of deals, and partake in some too. Not to brag, but here’s a sampling…

Round-Trip deals we found for you…
$209: Las Vegas to Madrid – Delta (discovered in August 2009)
$296: New York to Dublin – Delta (February 2009)
$511: Los Angeles to Sao Paulo – Korean Air (June 2009)
$532: San Francisco to Manila – Northwest (May 2009)
$617: Los Angeles to Sydney – V Australia (April 2009)

Round-Trip deals I purchased (because I couldn’t resist)…
$299: LAX to Barcelona – Delta (purchased in August 2009)
$375: LAX to London – British Airways (January 2004)
$490: LAX to Dublin – Aer Lingus (July 2007)
$590: LAX to Tokyo – Singapore Airlines (April 2009)
$675: LAX to Bangkok – Air China (July 2006)

Come aboard to my blog. My disorder is your good fortune. I’ve been closely following the discount air travel market ever since I started this site in 2002. I’ll be using this blog to pass along my thoughts, experiences and the deals that I find along the way.

Additionally, Fresh Airfare has frequent contributors including active commercial pilots, ex-stewardesses, travel writers and deal hunters.

Welcome and please subscribe to Fresh Airfare!