Will I Ever Be Able To Afford A Space Flight?

While space flights may seem like a far flung fantasy, the first commercial galactic flights will depart later this year.

Once again genius businessman Richard Branson is first of the mark in terms of commercial space flight development and it will be a Virgin Galactic vessel that will create history by ferrying the first commercial ticket holders into orbit.

Celebrity Space Race

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You’ve probably seen the news stories about which celebrities have purchased tickets with Virgin Galactic and they include famous characters as diverse as Stephen Hawking and Ashton Kutcher. Russel Brand and Katie Perry added fuel to rumours about their less than amicable split when it was revealed that Ms Perry had purchased a pair of tickets for her then husband and now wants them back. However it’s not just scientists and super rich entertainers that are getting in on the act, the pull of purchasing space flight tickets has proved too strong for several dot com millionaires too, including the creator or paypal.

If you’re thinking about the list of soon to be celeb astronauts then you’ve probably noticed that despite the diversity of those who are alleged to have bought tickets, they all share one thing in common – they’re loaded.

A ticket with Virgin Galactic is reported to cost up to £200,000 dollars for what is in effect a pretty short flight. Ticket holders will also receive a couple of days training before they’re launched into the stratosphere but it’s still a pretty hefty cost that is well out of the price range of the ordinary Joe.

Will a space flight always cost the Earth?

When you consider that just a few short decades ago the price of an air ticket was unobtainable for 99% of people, but now people can fly for ridiculously small amounts of money, it seems clear that within a few decades space flight will become cheaper and more availably to the general public.

There are several other commercial aerospace companies that are developing commercial space ships all over the world and the more ships that are built the cheaper it will become to fly. When technology is new it is more expensive to manufacture so the costs of the separate components such as aerospace springs, computer systems and landing gear all adds up into one massive expense.

However, as technology develops it becomes cheaper to manufacture component parts and so prices for tickets can be reduced in accordance with that.

If we take a lesson from history then it’s perfectly viable that the average person could be able to afford a trip into space within the next two decades.

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