The World’s Most Remote Destinations

When it comes to holidays and trips abroad, usually the motivation is to get just far enough away from the stresses and strains of daily life to relax and recharge the batteries. However, for some people, the usual holiday destinations are just not quite far enough and something even more secluded is required. For anyone who is looking for an extreme escape from civilization this year, here are some of the world’s most remote destinations.

Pitcairn Island

If you thought New Zealand was remote as islands go, then Pitcairn Island goes one step further. Located 10 days journey from the coast of New Zealand and reachable only by boat, Pitcairn Island has an isolation that is quite complete. The population here is tiny and would fill a single room, and the nearest inhabited island is more than 30 hours away by boat. Despite its remoteness, the island has a rich history, having played host to the HMS Bounty mutineers and been annexed by the French. The lush, green paradise is far too far off most travellers’ routes now and offers real seclusion to those willing to travel.

Motuo County, China

If having no obvious way of reaching somewhere is a measure of its remoteness then Motuo County, which has no roads leading to it, definitely wins the prize. Motuo is situated in the Tibetan Autonomous Region and although many have attempted to build a road to this part of the world, nature seems always to have intervened by throwing mudslides, avalanches or landslides at new constructions. The journey to reach what the Buddhist scriptures describe as Tibet’s Holy Land involves a trek across the Himalayas then scaling a 200ft suspension bridge, so it really is only for the most determined.

Alert, Canada

Unsurprisingly, at only 500 miles from the north pole, Alert is one of the most isolated destinations on earth and probably one of the least attractive holiday spots. The area has extreme conditions when it comes to weather and there are often 24 blinding hours of daylight during the summer and 24 hours of deep darkness during the winter months. The year round population here numbers 5 people and, given that this is also one of the most perilous places to live, this is hardly surprising. With temperatures of minus 40 degrees and the Arctic Ocean on all sides Alert is so cut off that it is definitely one of the most remote destinations in the world.

Angle Inlet, USA

Whilst Angle Inlet is officially located in the USA, it can only be reached via Canada by road, or by taking a boat through the Lake of the Woods. A community of around 150 people lives here but numbers are swelled slightly on an annual basis by those looking for some fantastic remote fishing spots, for which the area is renowned. Children who live in Angle Inlet don’t have the luxury of a school bus and most arrive by boat during the summer months, or in a snowmobile during the winter. Whilst not for everyone, the world’s most remote destinations provide fascinating and challenging locations for those with a taste for exploration. Be prepared for some taxing hikes, a lack of easy transfers but some seriously satisfying remoteness at the end of the road.

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