4 Unusual Things To Do In NYC

Sight-seeing in the city that never sleeps might at first glance be a predictable affair, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, Central Park and so on. While I would never deter anyone from seeing these sights, they’re worth seeing, there are options for people looking for something a little different or who’ve already done the tourist thing and are after a more authentic experience. Below are four options that are a bit more unusual than the regular trappings of a tourist hike around New York City.

Trapeze Classes

Not many people list their exploits while in the big apple and include, “Oh yeah, and I learnt how to do my thing on the flying trapeze.” That’s because most people aren’t mad. But some are and if you’re one of them the Trapeze School New York will help you fly through the air just like you always imagined you would in those dreams about running away to the circus. Obviously you’re probably going to need more than one lesson, but the school is designed for anyone who fancies a go to be able to do so. Can’t say fairer than that, so chalk up those hands, hang on and swing like Jules Léotard himself!

Take the High Line

The high line is an off ground freight train system that was built in the 1930s. It meant that cargo could be shifted without having the trains passing through the busy district of Manhattan. You’re thinking ‘why would I want to ride an industrial train’. Well first there is nothing wrong from wanting to ride an industrial train, and secondly, the highline is no longer a train service. The trains are gone and the rail line has been converted into an overhead reserve. A stroll through the unusual park offers a superb mixture of flowers, art and architecture as well as some spectacular views.

Flea Market In Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re more interested in the kitsch and the unusual then 5th avenue really isn’t going to be for you. However the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market almost certainly will be. It isn’t the only one in the city by any stretch, but it is one of the best and if you’re in the city on a weekend you can go have a rummage through what’s on offer. Running from 9am to 5pm you’ll find a mix of vintage goods from housewares and clothing to art and jewellery, and if you’re willing to explore a bit and get there early, probably a whole lot more too.

Eat Dumplings!

Mooching through NYC’s Chinatown is cool, if not a little bit full on. It’s a crazy place and picking a place to eat can be a dilemma. However, why not take the dumpling tour. A nice local fellow called Mark will for a very modest sum treat you and other friendly tour members to a dumpling extravaganza through Chinatown stopping at eight, yes eight different restaurants to sample their dumpling offerings. Social, fun and tasty. Brilliant!

There are literally thousands of unusual things to do in New York City and hopefully these four will have you well on the way to an experience you’ll never forget.

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