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There is always a huge announcement when a new Casino is about to start being developed in Las Vegas and the show that is put on when the ribbon is cut is usually even more extravagant. This is how things are done in Las Vegas, everything is a show and it has to be put on whenever there is a chance. It has come to the point where there is even a show every time a casino has run its course and is closed or demolished. Massive crowds line up outside demolition sites to see their old watering hole turn in to dust. This is usually accompanied by some old Las Vegas performer doing an act and a huge firework display as the building comes crashing down. So here is a look at some of the latest Casino closures in the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas.

The Sahara

Mark Hardie
This time it wasn’t all about the show. The Sahara Casino had been a prized jewel of the Las Vegas strip for decades, but when its owners didn’t have enough money to keep it going it just shut down. No major performance, no ritualistic ceremony to say goodbye, just nothing. 2011 struck hard on most people but it took a large toll on the Casinos of Las Vegas. Sahara was one of the more famous casinos to go bust during this difficult time.

Western Hotel and Casino

This Casino didn’t look like very much to the naked eye but it was one of those places where the real Las Vegas gamblers started off. But at the end of 2011 its owners had had enough and it wasn’t the cash-cow that it used to be. That’s why they thought it was time to call it quits and in early January 2012 the doors shut.

The Hooters Casino

Paul Lowry
The Hooters Hotel and Casino had to file for bankruptcy in 2011 and they joined in the long line of Casinos that had to wave goodbye to all of their players over the last few years. Even though the owners tried to keep it alive for as long as possible the debt became too high and the property is now on the market. So who knows, this Tropicana Avenue Casino might not have seen its last gambler going bust.

Las Vegas Hilton

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Even though the Casino never really shut down they were served a notice of foreclosure in 2011. Their owners defaulted on a 250+ Million Dollar loan which had the bank take legal action. The company had to find new investors or sell the hotel and casino completely. It has now been rebranded and the iconic sign outside has been taken down for good. Instead the Hotel and casino will now be going under the name LHV-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino for as long as they manage to stay open this time. The casino basically lost their license to promote the Hilton brand for reasons that have not been made public. But we can assume that it has something to do with that little foreclosure notice.

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