$209: Las Vegas to Spain

Having just returned from an 11-day vacation in Japan thanks to this incredible deal on Singapore Airlines, I was floored when I saw that Delta had fares from Los Angeles to Barcelona (or Madrid) for only $299.

Even cheaper was Las Vegas to Barcelona (or Madrid) for only $209. This isn’t one-way, this is round-trip! This is lowest of the low, folks.

So, here I am, in a Kirin Beer hangover haze and sleep deprevation daze about to book Los Angeles to Barcelona for under $300 per person. Done! (See below)

We’re also seeing flights to Zurich, Venice, Rome, Geneva and Athens for under $400. Delta’s gone mad. Jump on these deals quickly, they may not last the night!

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  1. Harlan Safko says:

    Horizon Airlines was HORRIBLE on my last flight. I don’t think I would fly them or recommend them to anyone.

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