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$180: Airfares to Mexico

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Celebrate Memorial Day in a country that doesn’t celebrate it! Los Angeles to Cancun for $250 ($346 after taxes) and Dallas/Fort Worth to Mexico City for $180 ($276 after taxes). These are decent fares during Memorial Day, not rock bottom, but notable nonetheless.

Last day to purchase/travel is May 31, 2009. All the advertised fares are…

Origin Destination Trip Fares from*
Dallas/Fort Worth Cancun Round Trip $ 200
Dallas/Fort Worth Mexico City Round Trip $ 180
Los Angeles Cancun Round Trip $ 250
Los Angeles Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Round Trip $ 230
Los Angeles Puerto Vallarta Round Trip $ 194
San Antonio Acapulco Round Trip $ 305
San Antonio Acapulco Round Trip $ 322

We can’t wait for Mexicana’s July 4th and Thanksgiving sales!

$588: San Francisco to Manila

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Finally, some love for Manila. You would think that Northwest Airlines would be spotlighting this deal on their site, but it’s flying under the jet stream. We couldn’t find any mention of it.

The same price applies from LAX, in addition to SFO. Due to the unannounced nature of this “deal”, we don’t know the details, only that we’re seeing low rates for late May and June. So, expect fares to climb in July.

Rarely do we see good fares to The Philippines, which is unfortunate because of the large amount of expatriates living in the States who frequently make the trip. It’s usually Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Bangkok dominating the deals to Asia. So, this is rare opportunity. Up next, maybe some love for Seoul?

$522: Flights to Paris in June

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

We are seeing pleasantly low airfares to Paris this June from five US cities starting at $522. This is notable, because historically these tickets would’ve been in the $800 range.

In fact, June 2009 will be the cheapest travel month in years, thanks to the recession, low fuel prices and swine flu.

While visiting Europe, our strengthening dollar will also buy you more British Pounds and Euros than last year. A year ago, you needed $1.54 to buy €1 Today, you only need $1.35. The value of the British Pound has changed even more significantly. You needed $1.94 for £1 a year ago. Today, you only need $1.51.

Good luck with your travel searching…

To Paris, from:
Miami (MIA) $522+ Delta
New York (JFK) $537+ Swiss
Boston (BOS) $599+ Swiss
Washington DC (IAD) $653+ United
Detroit (DTW) $669+ NWA

Please note: These rates were discovered at 6:00pm (PST) on May 13, 2009. They may have fluctuated by the time you view them.

$810: Bangkok or Singapore this Fall

Friday, May 8th, 2009

International airfares have been exorbitantly low for travel all year and even into the early summer. Will this trend resume in the fall? This Cathay Pacific sale for round-trip airfare from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Bangkok or Singapore is a promising sign that it will…but who knows?

This deal is good for travel from Sept. 1 through Nov. 30 and you must book by May 31. You must fly on Monday through Thursday to lock down the $810 rate. You will incur an extra $25 fee for flying Friday through Sunday. More info…

There are a myriad of factors, including fuel prices, corporate earnings (which effects business travel) and the 10:00 news (see flu outbreaks), which can drastically change airfares. Airlines are reporting that revenue is stabilizing and prices may have bottomed out. Some airlines even attempted fare hikes in April. Given the volatile history of airfares in the last year, we highly recommend that you reserve your fall travel plans now if the price is right..don’t wait!