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$275: LAX to JFK on Virgin America

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Once you get past the neon, ambient, mood lighting, Virgin America is basically JetBlue with less legroom – but with a far superior in-flight entertainment (IFE) system! Actually, VX has several additional amenities, including a 1st class section, sans the drastic price difference, and two 110v plugs for every three coach seats, perfect for your laptop.

On the IFE screen, in addition to the basic cable channels, you can order and pay for food and drinks. The stewardesses then deliver it within 1-3 minutes! Why don’t conventional restaurants have this?

The IFE system also has On-Demand TV shows, movies, music and games. Some are free, some are for a fee. I watched an interview with Richard Branson for free and then paid $1.00 for an episode of The Office. You swipe your credit card at your seat, no fumbling for change with the stewardess. The kid sitting beside me didn’t have a credit card yet, so I swiped my card and he paid me in crumbled-up cash.

The IFE has an in-flight chat. You can chat with any passenger on the plane. You must first send an invitation that they must accept. My girlfriend accidentally sent 25E an invite, but I was in 24E. We laughed after he declined it. I then sent her one. She declined it and laughed. So, I ordered her a can of Budweiser and “Letterheads”. Before you knew it we were in NYC.