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Will International Airfares be Lower in ’08?

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Six major US airlines – American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways – have announced they’ll be reducing their number of domestic flights in 2008. The three main reasons are rising fuel prices, too much competition on domestic routes from Southwest, JetBlue and Virgin America, and a desire to add more international routes, which tend to be more profitable.

A weakening US economy, (i.e. higher gas prices, rising mortgage payments, unstable home values, unsteady stock market and potential upcoming recession), is an additional reason.

Will more competition in the international arena result in lower fares? With United potentially shifting 15% of its current fleet to international routes over the next several years, it has too! I can’t hurt! If the other five airlines allot similar percentages, then we might see the likes of Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air France, decreasing fares. Get your passports ready!

JetBlue: Rochester Big and Tall of Airlines

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Jet Blue

I’ve finally had a chance to fly on JetBlue, and I definitely noticed and appreciated the extra legroom.

The first 11 rows on their Airbus 320 jets boast at least 36 inches of legroom, while the rear 14 rows have 34 inches. This is up from the standard 32 inches that most coach seats allow. Seating in the 8th row on my flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, those extra 4 inches allowed me to move and stretch my legs in positions I had only dreamed off on my previous Southwest Airlines flight. On Southwest, my knee caps are literally 1/2 inch from touching the seat in front of me. And I’m only 6’2″, I couldn’t imagine being 6’4″ or taller and trying to fly coach.

Hopefully, the competition will catch on and increase their legroom in coach. All it takes is one row of seats to be removed to allow an extra 2 to 4 inches for the remaining rows. It’s amazing the difference an extra couple inches of legroom makes on a cross country flight.

With the knowledge that the big and tall will start gravitating toward JetBlue, please heed these words or warning; if you’re flying solo on JetBlue, make sure to book and reserve your seat well in advance, so you don’t get stuck sitting in a middle seat between two behemoths!