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Pick a Continent for Under $870

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Who said airfares are getting more expensive? As of right now (9/6/06), you can fly round trip to Europe, Asia or South America, from Los Angeles, New York or Chicago for $438 to $869 (after taxes)!

Madrid, Spain
from LAX / Oct 29 – Nov 9 / $718 / American Airlines
from JFK / Oct 6 – Oct 16 / $438 / Air Comet S.A.
from ORD / Nov 2 – Nov 16 / $598 / Continental Airlines

Tokyo, Japan
from LAX / Oct 12 – Nov 2 / $763 / American Airlines
from JFK / Sep 27 – Oct 4 / $869 / American Airlines
from ORD / Sep 13 – Sep 18 / $820 / Japan Airlines

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
from LAX /Nov 18 – Nov 26 / $724 / COPA Panama
from JFK / Oct 11 – Oct 18 / $794 / Delta Airlines
from ORD / Oct 27 – Nov 4 / $792 / Delta Airlines

Very reasonable fares in my opinion.

Christ the Redeemer - Rio De Janeiro

Be Unafraid to Book on Separate Airlines

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

Downtown Budapest

I recently needed to book a R/T ticket from Budapest to Phoenix. The best deals I found were with KLM/NWA for $850, but that still seemed a little high. Some more thought needed to be put into this. So I decided to dissect and run a search for each leg of the itinerary and see what it turned up. It showed that Budapest to Los Angeles was only $650 – meaning that the Los Angeles to Phoenix leg was responsible for $200 of the $850 fare!

Knowing that Southwest Airlines typically charges $100 R/T from Los Angeles to Phoenix, I just went ahead and booked the KLM/NWA BUD-LAX fare for $650. I then booked LAX-BUD for $100 on Southwest. All told, this saved me about $100 and the need to fly domestically on NWA, which has a tendency to mix stop in Memphis or Minneapolis in many of their itineraries.

When flying separate airlines just remember to leave plenty of time between flights, and if you’re checking in baggage, confirm that the airlines will transfer them to the other airline for you.

Unfortunately, for me, much of my savings went to the taxi toll to get to Ferihegy Airport.