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Introduction: Fresh Airfare

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

I’m a compulsive, carpal tunnel ridden, airfare searcher who’s constantly in search of that perfect deal. I employee several tricks and techniques to accomplish this, including being subscribed to tons of newsletters.

I find a ton of deals, and partake in some too. Not to brag, but here’s a sampling…

Round-Trip deals we found for you…
$209: Las Vegas to Madrid – Delta (discovered in August 2009)
$296: New York to Dublin – Delta (February 2009)
$511: Los Angeles to Sao Paulo – Korean Air (June 2009)
$532: San Francisco to Manila – Northwest (May 2009)
$617: Los Angeles to Sydney – V Australia (April 2009)

Round-Trip deals I purchased (because I couldn’t resist)…
$299: LAX to Barcelona – Delta (purchased in August 2009)
$375: LAX to London – British Airways (January 2004)
$490: LAX to Dublin – Aer Lingus (July 2007)
$590: LAX to Tokyo – Singapore Airlines (April 2009)
$675: LAX to Bangkok – Air China (July 2006)

Come aboard to my blog. My disorder is your good fortune. I’ve been closely following the discount air travel market ever since I started this site in 2002. I’ll be using this blog to pass along my thoughts, experiences and the deals that I find along the way.

Additionally, Fresh Airfare has frequent contributors including active commercial pilots, ex-stewardesses, travel writers and deal hunters.

Welcome and please subscribe to Fresh Airfare!