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Today's jungle of travel websites lacks a clear cut "top site" to find the lowest airfares. Realistically, no travel site will ever wear that crown, which leaves a field of them that come close. What we've done at iCheapAirfares.com, is to build a travel comparison search which displays results from this pool of high quality travel sites based on your itinerary and location.

iCheapAirfares.com enables travelers to search the best travel websites with fewer clicks and in less time. We feel that our search provides the best mix of travel sites from one point of access. Consider us your hub for travel searching. We invite you to try our travel comparison search in 3 easy steps. Go!

Isaac Rau
iCheapAirfares.com was created in 2002 after founder Isaac Rau flew roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York for $200 USD. When he discovered that his seatmate paid significantly more for the same itinerary he was inspired to create iCheapAirfares.com to provide travelers with the necessary fare search capabilities, advice and information to attain the lowest rate.

Being a regular traveler himself, Isaac has since purchased round trip itineraries from LAX to London for $350, LAX to Honolulu for $225, LAX to Amsterdam for $650, LAX to Dublin for $500 and LAX to Bangkok for a mere $700 - thanks to the travel comparison search and tips on iCheapAirfares.com.

His "all-time best deal" was in 2009, Los Angeles to Barcelona for $299.16 (see itinerary below):

Los Angeles to Barelona

Isaac Rau has been involved in the online travel industry since 2000. Before starting iCheapAirfares.com, he was with Citrus Global, an online advertising agency based in Los Angeles, and worked directly with such clients as CheapTickets.com, LastMinuteTravel.com and PleasantHolidays.com.

iCheapAirfares.com, employs freelance contributors to provide write-ups on thousands of destinations around the world. Writers include:

Natasha Jervis
Natasha Jervis - Natasha Jervis specializes in online travel publication and has lived abroad in the UK, Canada, USA, Caribbean and Spain. She has extensive training and experience in the travel sector, including a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism from FIU in Miami, and has freelanced for various companies throughout the United States, Canada and Europe....Read More

Rachel Newcombe
Rachel Newcombe - Rachel Newcombe is an award-winning writer, editor and researcher based in the UK. She's written for a wide range of online and print publications, including Living Abroad Magazine, Channel 4, UKTV...Read More

Pam Bruno
Pam Bruno - Pam Bruno is a freelance writer/author based in the United States. She has extensive travel experience, including having lived abroad in Switzerland, Philippines and India....Read More

Lynne Christen
Lynne Christen - Lynne Christen is a travel addict and freelance writer and photographer specializing in travel, food and wine. Her passion for travel began as a flight attendant with Eastern Air Lines for over 22 years...Read More

Carolyn Batt
Carolyn Batt - Carolyn Batt, a former staff journalist with the Daily Telegraph (UK) and The Age (Australia) who currently freelances for a variety of publications in the US, Europe and Australia....Read More

Roz Andrews
Roz Andrews - Roz Andrews is a multi-lingual writer, researcher and editor, who has traveled extensively in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand . Based in the UK, she has written for a variety...Read More

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